President Abraham Lincoln said,”Many times I found myself on my knees for lack of any other place to go.” See when you have tried every way and nothing works, when you get tired of failure, its funny how one will realize God has been there with us all along the way.

My thoughts are about David,where in 1 Samuel 23:2, the Bible says “David inquired of the Lord” and look further in the Chapter to Verse 4, where it says,”then David inquired of the Lord, yet again,” see each time David went to the Lord, the Lord answered him and David did exactly what he was told.

I look even further In the Book of 1Samuel and I see in Chapter 30,that again David is faced by odds that are tremendous, the people have wept until they could weep no more, see all of their possessions have been taken, their wives, sons and daughters are being held captive. The Philistines were rejecting David and so distressed was he that they wanted to stone him. Friends this is where faith comes in. This is where one distinguishes himself from the others and this is something I offer you: The Bible says that David encouraged himself in the Lord his God. David looked back on all the times the Lord had blessed him. David knew that if he left room for God In his heart,that God would dwell there and David knew that he was lead by God, lastly David knew without a doubt that God was going to see him through.

David in the 8th Verse of the 30th chapter in the Book of 1Samuel inquired of the Lord and true to His Word the Lord Answers prayer when submitted with a proper heart. Friends, I want to take a step back and not talk about the victory that came with obedience, but I want to talk about submitting to God’s Will, doing what He requests and watching the Blessing’s flow from His able Hands into our needy lives.


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