God has granted the field and soon, we will be a place for universal worship, peace, and assistance. In a speech that was deemed disappointing, Sir Winston Churchill left the assembly rather down and it was not until long afterwards that people have come to truly appreciate his words, ” Never give in. Never give in. Never, Never,Never, Never. In matters great or small,large or petty, give in only to convictions of honor and good sense.”

About Us

J. Weston Ministries is a Bible-based ministry and outreach, dedicated to encouraging hope and a better quality of life for individuals, single parents and their children. Through the guidance of God and the utilization of various resources We help to bridge the gap for people in need with, not only a helping hand, but a guiding hand.

Our Board


Rev. J. Weston

After several attempts trying to find happiness in the corporate arena Rev. J. Weston, found that it’s impossible to replace the work that God had called him to do. His, is an absolute belief that prayer works, combined with excellent skills as an orator, compliment the fact that he is a minister totally consecrated to the cause of His Master. His educational background includes a Masters Degree in Divinity. Recently, he became an associate chaplain in hopes of furthering the work he has been called to do. Rev. Weston, is expanding an already successful radio ministry and is pre production of a television ministry. I truly believe that Patience is a virtue and I am guided and inspired by the thought of waiting on the Lord and gaining strength while doing so. Please contact him for further information: May The Father continue to Bless you!! Thank you for your interest in having The Rev. Weston come and share the Word with your congregation. Please send a letter on church letterhead 8 weeks before the desired date. For best result please contact Ms. J. Pierson at 855. 593.7866 or fax 800. 763.0284 her email is Thank you and God Bless you.
Dee Lathrop

Alan Hyman
Master of Social Work – Outreach Director

Terri Harris

Mikal Alderson
Communications Coordinator

Hon. J.S. Ford

Hon. U.J. Jones (deceased)

V. Johnson

Howard Langham

Ms. B. Nolan

We are happy to announce that our members have chosen to stay on another year. This past year has been one of extraordinary growth and the start of an tremondous undertaking that soon will be announced. That being said, our board remains intact. We would like to take the time to thank our board members for their time, commitment and passion in coming together to not only share Rev. Weston’s dream but embrace it as their own. We express with sorrow the passing of our brother, our friend the Honorable U.J. Jones.